Strength Sensei Legacy

The team’s mission is to keep Charles’ legacy alive for future generations. He was a pioneer and way ahead of modern times. Science is still catching up to what Charles knew to be true and some of those things may still take up to another century. For this reason, let’s continue what actually works. Like he said, “if you wait for the science to catch up, you will never produce any Olympians.”

Who makes up the Strength Sensei Legacy “Team” – at this point we are more like a family than anything else. This “Team” helped Charles day in and day out for the past five years at Strength Sensei, Inc. We knew him so well, on the business end and personal side, we are confident there is no one else better out there than us, to continue his message. We have people on the team who are fluent in English, Spanish, French, German, and Russian.

We also believe that we could not keep the Sensei’s Legacy alive without the help of the outstanding partners we have acquired throughout the years. These partners are continuing with us because they believe we can continue to honor Charles Legacy. We managed to stick together through the most difficult of times. We believe there was a reason Charles chose every single person on his Team. These partners were also a part of his team, which is why it is no surprise the loyalty they have to him has surpassed his death. A huge thanks to Greg Peterson from NutriDyn, Daniel Sampson from Designs for Health, Robert Legare from ATP, George Galleregui from Atlantis, Ben Prentiss from Prentiss Hockey Performance, Preston Greene from the Florida Gators, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, Dr. Robert Rakowski, and Dr. Dan Wen from TCM Zone.

Also to all of the personal trainers who provide us with spaces to teach all over the world and share the same vision; too many to name here, but we are thankful for every single person for contacting us with great options and places to stay.

Why Should You Choose Strength Sensei Legacy?

Because we were hand picked by Charles himself.

Why Strength Sensei Legacy

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We held the Metabolic Analytics class the weekend after Charles passing, (as we knew that is what Charles would have wanted) with some concern. I knew Carlos Castro as a friend from previous events I had attended and knew he was a quality person and very capable. I hadn’t heard him speak (had attended strength camps, etc), and was amazed on how well Carlos presented the material. He was very organized, with excellent continuity, answered questions eloquently and thoroughly, and workshopped extensively with everyone really understanding how to implement MA. We pass out seminar evaluations to grade the seminar and overall experience at our seminars, and grade them from 1-5 (5 being excellent). Carlos got all 5’s on all the evaluation forms….rare for even the best of the best, generally given to people we’ve had such as Mark Houston, Jeffrey Bland, and Bob Rakowski! I highly recommend the Metabolic Analytic course taught by Carlos Castro!

Greg Peterson

Vice President & Co-Founder NutriDyn

Here is What Students Say...

I wanted to thank all of you with the Strength Sensei team for keeping Charles’ legacy alive. When I first heard of his passing last year it was without a doubt a difficult time, my heart went out to his immediate family and all his friends. After a few weeks I began to wonder what would happen to the courses that he taught, as he had been one of the leaders of the industry and someone I had followed since my high school days. When it was announced that the classes would continue, I was glad but also a little unsure as it would not be him teaching the courses, so I was not overly confident that I would learn a lot. After attending all of the classes in Stamford Connecticut at PHP, I realize how wrong that uncertainty was. It is not an understatement to say that at least every 20 minutes of every day of class I learned a new tidbit from Carlos, Ben, Scott, or Alyona that either turned on a new lightbulb or made a previous concept even more clearer. I cannot thank all of you enough for continuing the Poliquin teachings and I look forward to attending future courses.

Daniel Litton

April 2019

I wanted to reach out to thank you for all of your hard work, time, and your willingness to teach us so much at the three courses. They were by far the most in depth and detailed courses I've ever been to. Your attention to detail teaching the exercises and reinforcing the principles learned through the workouts was tremendously helpful. Thank you again for everything and I look forward to taking more courses with you in the future.

Brandon Welker

April 2019

Please, please, please, keep doing what you're doing!!! You're an AWESOME coach/teacher and I consider myself so fortunate to have learned under you. Your passion for passing on Charles' work is undeniable...and I know that he is so proud of you!! Charles work has inspired so many, including myself to make the world a healthier place, and now you have picked up the mantle. Thank you again for sharing your VAST wealth of knowledge.

Bryan Fauver

April 2019

Outstanding session with Carlos Castro, Ben Prentiss and Preston Greene. Well worth the 8 hour trip. Transparent and giving hearts. The Legacy continues - Charles would be proud.

Branko Vincic

April 2019

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