Prerequisites: None
Duration: 5 days
Course Instructor: Carlos Castro

Want to be as strong as you look, gain tons of lean muscle mass, and improve your body composition?

This hands-on workshop is what you are looking for. It will contain both directly applicable knowledge and high-powered workouts based on the lectures of the day.

In the class you will learn:
15 different training methods to address Strength and Muscle building. They may include:
Pyramids that work
The correct use of wave-loading
Strongman workouts for functional hypertrophy
Workout secrets from the best, such as Chuck Sipes, Anthony Ditillo, Doug Hepburn and many more
Regular drop-sets, high-intensity drop-sets & mechanical drop-sets
And many more methodologies

Nutritional supplement strategies, including:
What are the best supplements
How to adapt your recommendations to different clients
How to put together a solid plan for every type of goal

Science rationality
What is proven
What works based on real-life experience

Each day starts with a lecture, which is followed by a workout that applies the knowledge, so you can see, feel, and experience what your clients will feel. You will train three times a day for the duration of the seminar.

This will also allow you to see how those methods are applied in a real-life setting, in a commercial gym, and adapted to the clients.

Aim for excellence and come make gains in practical experience, coaching knowledge, muscle mass, and strength.

Recertification Available – Contact for more information