Meet the Team

Carlos Castro

Some of you know him already. Carlos started his journey with Charles 14 years ago by taking courses taught by Charles, this progressed to translating articles into Spanish, and finally to teaching by Charles side for the last five years. The amount of knowledge Carlos gathered in that time is priceless. This is the reason he is the best and perfect choice to continue Charles teachings. He is not the Sensei, but he is the closest thing the new generation will get. As Tao Te Ching said, “When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready… The teacher will Disappear,” and this is exactly what happened in Estonia right before Charles passed. He said that Carlos was ready to teach every single class. We all know there will never be another Charles, at least not in our lifetime, but we have someone just as hungry to follow his steps. Carlos has a Masters in Engineering and followed his passion of training. His priority now is to give justice to his mentor and dearest friend. He is also the one that upgraded the mathematical algorithms on the Metabolic Analytics Software and created its engineering design, along with the Training Software. Carlos was a professional athlete in BMX, in the top 10 in the word at that time. During his career as a Strength Coach, he has produced Gold and Silver medalists in various World Championships, Silver and Bronze medalists in Pan-Americans, and Gold, Silver, and Bronze medalists in National Championships, in sports such as Brazilian Jiujitsu, Speed Motorcycle, Swimming, and more. Trainers who have taken courses with Carlos have really high praises in his expertise and especially his outstanding patience as a teacher.

Karin Macon

Most of you have dealt with Karin at some point in time; she is the voice and help behind the business. She was Charles right hand and the joke was, you guys might have feared Charles, but she was the only person Charles feared. She kept him on schedule, and he knew if he did not do what she said, he would be in trouble. Don’t fool around with German discipline! She first crossed paths with Charles back in 2002 and got to know him personally over the years. Karin helped him the past five years with the Strength Sensei, Inc. business. She owes Charles a lot and her passion is to continue his legacy with the Team. Legends do die, but they should never be forgotten.

Patrick Gagnon

Patrick was there from day one with Charles, when his new business, Strength Sensei, Inc. opened the doors. He holds a Bachelors in Kinesiology and a DESS (Graduate Certificate) in Therapeutic Exercises. His knowledge in this field is outstanding. Charles has been a mentor to him for over 12 years, and Patrick has taken every class with Charles multiple times. To him carrying on the legacy of knowledge and integrity that he was taught is a life mission. He is the voice of Facebook and answers all the difficult questions alongside Carlos. He also writes a majority of the articles found on the website. Pat and Luce got together to form their new business venture, Physik Athletik, where they provide one-on-one training. Their results have been amazing in a very short time.

Luce Muzi

The voice of Instagram. We all love Luce, her personality is so easy going and even if she looks intimidating at first because of her size and dedication in the gym, she is a total sweetheart in person. She is an amazing writer and, as she says, her job at Strength Sensei makes her eclectic educational background in science and Masters in English Literature make sense! She has taken all the seminars Strength Sensei ever offered, some more than once. She has a solid knowledge of the field and her ability to put complex writing into simple images on Instagram is unparalleled. She is also responsible for everything French in Strength Sensei. She writes articles for the website and has recently started to help with designing new material for the upcoming online classes. She joined the Team in 2017.

Scott Macon

The brains of technology. He shared Charles passion of firearms and got to know him well the past few years. As a part-time contractor at first he officially helped Charles full time in 2018. If anything breaks down he is the one who will fix it, usually without you knowing there was ever an issue. Scott has a Bachelors in Information Security. He maintains the day-to-day things that make the company run; the websites, the databases, and the interactions of all things computer related.

Alyona Medvedeva

The newest addition and Carlos helping hand. She has a Masters in Sociology, and is a personal trainer who has done tons of amazing transformations, not only for regular clients, but also on the athletic field. She has attended all of Strength Sensei’s seminars, more than once, and currently she assists Carlos on Metabolic Analytics, and all the training classes; teaching how to properly measure, and execute the right exercise techniques. She’s also the one behind the camera for all the membership material and upcoming online courses. Her passion is to make people look good, mainly by coaching them to get in better shape, but also by taking great pictures from the right angle. At first we thought that Carlos had developed an eye for art but… turns out he had help!