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Two Things I Learnt About Nutrition

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By Josh Bryant

Let’s say you want to take your investment portfolio to the next level, you probably won’t seek that advice at the local homeless shelter. As bizarre as that sounds, people basically do the equivalent with nutrition.pyramid

Physically flaccid public health officials have made preposterous claims about nutrition for decades; regardless of their fantasies, obesity rates are at an all-time high! Contrary to the obvious, rofessional organizations and health care workers vehemently defend their beloved food pyramid like the Alamo.

While we need to remember the Alamo, as we say in Texas, let’s forget the food pyramid. I would like to share to things I learned about nutrition from my mentor, Charles R. Poliquin.


Eat Carbs at Night

For years, “Strength Sensei” Charles R. Poliquin has advocated eating carbohydrates at night, via a discovery based off of years of trial and error.

Eventually, the Ivory Tower jumped on the band wagon and studies have trickled in since the mid-1990s that have confirmed what Poliquin has preached for years for more efficient fat loss.

rice, hourglass

Have your doubts?

Perform a cursory search on Google scholar or just corner a scientist at a cocktail party, better yet, try it yourself!cbl

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder and science savvy Ben Pakulski advocates this approach.  John Kiefer and his “carb back-loading protocol” have developed a following of biblical proportions.

Regardless of all of the scientific evidence and hype, “scientific” text books do not touch on this subject!

The prevailing thought among arm chair warriors is still eat for the activity you will immediately partake in; since sleep is not high intensity, why have carbs?

The reason you want to ingest your carbs in the evening is you will raise your leptin signal, which will increase your fat burning during the night and the following day. Additionally, ingesting carbs in the evening increases serotonin, which will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Follow Strength Sensei’s advice. Eat the high protein and high good fat meals in the morning through the early afternoon; his meat and nut breakfast is a great place to start.

I pride myself in being on the cutting edge of training research.  This was an exception; I was a late adapter and learning this was a game changer in my physique, performance and energy levels.


Food Preparation

Anyone with taste buds can attest to the fact that cooking your favorite food in coconut oil or butter makes it taste better.cow_butter

Contrary to the recommendations of the low T lab rat—these foods can also improve your body composition, overall health and mental cognition.

Let’s take a look at grass-fed butter.

The saturated fats found in butter have anti-cancer, anti-bacterial and weight-control properties.  As Poliquin points out, it’s worth noting that stearic acid, the most abundant fatty acid in butter, is the preferred fuel source for the heart and can reduce “bad cholesterol” or LDL.

Butter contains another saturated fat called Lauric acid, which contains anti-bacterial properties and can stop certain viruses and pathogens right in their tracks.

Ever hear of the popular weight loss supplement CLA?cla

CLA, while not found in appreciable amounts in grain-fed butter, is abundant in grass-fed butter.  CLA can aid in building lean muscle, burning body fat and is believed to have anticarcinogenic properties.

Butyric acid is another important fatty acid found in grass-fed butter and can prevent colon cancer and controls gut inflammation.coconut_oil

Grass-fed butter is copious in Vitamin A and contains the full array of fat soluble vitamins.

Want your food to taste better?  Prepare it with grass-fed butter.

Want to be healthier?  Prepare your food with grass-fed butter.

My health, body composition and taste buds all thank Charles for turning me onto the virtues of grass-fed butter and coconut oil.



Josh Bryant